What Size Winch do I Need for My Jeep – [Guide]

Essentially, a winch is a machine that hauls or lifts something with the help of a chain wrapped around a rotating drum, usually for lifting heavy objects or people who require emergency help.

What size Winch do I need for My Jeep

As we all know, winches aren’t cheap. It’s a big investment to buy a winch for your Jeep. Before you purchase a winch for your Jeep, you should keep a few things in mind. It contains a great deal of information about winches that can be useful to you in a number of ways. A winch’s durability, protection from water, dust, sand, and other elements, and most importantly its size, must be considered.

The winching dictionary explains that the size of the winch is actually referring to the strength or pulling capacity of the winch for a Jeep. That’s an important concept to understand.

Types of Winches

Since there are many different types of winches, not all are the same.

There are three types of winches available: a lever, an air, and a snubbing winch. When it comes to lifting and releasing materials by air, we use air winches, whereas lever and snubbing winches are used in the land-related industry. Learn more about winches here:

1. Lever Winches

Lever winches are among the three types of winches that can be operated by hand. An alternative to a spool is its self-gripping jaw that holds onto utility trailer winches. By using the hand-operated brakes on this jaw, large amounts of weight can be lifted or pushed by one person.

2. Snubbing Winches

The snubbing winch has a vertical spool for storing the winch rope instead of the lever winch. The pumps used in these devices pull or release the weight with electricity, diesel fuel, or hydraulic power. This type of device does not have a hand brake.

3. Single Air Winches

A single air winch is more safe than the other types of winches mentioned earlier. The purpose of these is to lift weights in the construction and shipping industries.

What Size Winch for Jeep?

Almost every road enthusiast knows the common rule of thumb for winch size. It is recommended that each winch have a pulling capacity of 1.5X the gross weight of the vehicle. However, gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) refers to the vehicle’s estimated weight if loaded exactly as estimated by the manufacturer.

The GVWR is often displayed on the doorjamb of your Jeep, or it is in the owner’s manual. A sticker under the hood of your Jeep may also indicate your vehicle’s GVWR.

Listed below are a few practical reasons why you should purchase a winch for your Jeep that has a pulling capacity at least 1.5X its GVWR:

  1. Having a more powerful winch actually makes pulling easier because it allows for more room.
  2. Unfortunately, if your Jeep is stuck somewhere like on a slope or in mud, where it is becoming heavier, a winch can prove very helpful.
  3. Another reason why you should buy a winch that can pull more weight than your Jeep is that the rated line pull of a winch might not always be accurate.

Why Rated Line Pulls aren’t always reliable?

In order to get the rated line pull of a winch, manufacturers test the device in the best conditions. In a perfect world where imperfections do not exist, it would be possible to determine the accurate rated line pull of a winch.

While testing winches to get the rated line pull, manufacturers usually test their winches for three conditions. Straight pull, perfect power, and a single wrap of cable on the drum.

What Size Winch do I need for my Jeep?

In addition, you must make sure you don’t go beyond reasonable limits when you go for higher rated line pulls. It suggests you shouldn’t go for a Jeep that can pull more than 25000 lbs. It’s always recommended to purchase the size of winch that is best suited for a specific type of vehicle because more power is better.

Winches that can handle 8000 lb or more are a good option for Jeeps. You should choose a winch that can pull 1.5 times as much weight as your Jeep.

What are the Prices of Winches?

A winch can actually vary in price, you can find them from $200 to $2000. Factors like motor type, pulling capacity, waterproofing, structure, and structural stability influences the price diversity. What we recommend and you should also look for are winches that are known widely for their durability and warranties. Some of the popular brands include, Superwinch, WARN, and Smittybilt. These three brands of winches come highly recommended.

What Should my Winch’s IP Rating be?

Ingress Protection (IP) rating should be of at least IP67 when you select winches for off-roading excursions. Winches with an IP67 rating is the best choice as it commendably resists forceful water jets and muds. For prolonged operation underwater without a single damage, winches with an IP rating of IP68 is a top recommendation.

Is there a Mounting Plate included with a Jeep?

Customers have the option of purchasing bumper-mounted, multi-mounted, or integrated winch bumpers. Bumper mounts attach to an OEM or aftermarket bumper rather than a carrier-to-receiver (multi-mount). Check with the manufacturer before buying a winch to make sure it will fit your Jeep.

Most popular winches:

The most popular example of winches are:

  1. WARN M12 17801 weighing 133 lbs can pull 12 000 lbs on a steel cable.
  2. SMITTYBILT X20 COMP weighing 99 lbs equipped with a steel cable can pull 12 000 lbs.
  3. WARN 103252 V weighing 91 lbs has a 10 000 lbs capacity on a steel cable.
  4. STEGODON New 9500 weighing 48 lbs has 9 500 lbs pull on a synthetic rope.
  5. ZESUPER 9500 weighing 53 lbs can pull 9 500 lbs with a synthetic rope.
  6. X-BULL 13000 weighing 58 lbs with a synthetic rope can pull 13 000 lbs.

So the conclusion to this article is use the best winch for your jeep. The best yet the correct one. An unsuitable winch is only going to give you unnecessary hassle. Avoid future articles by going through every section of the article keenly.

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