How to Wire in a M8000 Winch? – [Step by Step Guide]

Let us begin this post by explaining what exactly an M8000 winch is. Winches are connected to automobiles, and M8000 is associated with trucks, jeeps, and SUVs and their design comprises rubber seal, high-quality gaskets at the key connection points. These connection points can resist the water seeping inside the enclosure. The body of the winch is light, weighs around 34 kgs, and is made of strong alloys. These winches are the ones that aid you when you are trapped in a vehicle or helping another stuck vehicle. 

Winches are found on the sides of a vehicle or at the front and back of the vehicle, and since they form an integral part of automobiles it is imperative you know how to wire a winch, that too without the help of a solenoid. The solenoid is an electromagnetic coil, and it works as a cable when it is electromagnetic winches. It is synonymous with a winch motor because it protects it from being overheated, and it is easy to replace a solenoid than a winch motor.  Operating is not a Herculean task; it is easy and effective too. 

How to Wire in a M8000 Winch with a Solenoid – (Guide)

Before finding out how to wire an M8000 winch, let us find out the requirements to wire a winch. Some basic items are required to wire an M8000 winch. They are jumper cables, a winch solenoid diagram, and a spanner or pliers. Once you have these at your disposal, consider yourself ready to wire in an M8000 winch.

Have a look at the steps and see how you can wire an M8000 winch:

Step 1: Use and Understand the Solenoid Wire Diagram

At the outset, you should know what exactly you want to do, and once you are clear on that, focus on the outcome. The solenoid wire diagram will help you here with the layout of the motor.  Apart from using the drawing, there will be technicians who will be able to guide you about the type of your winch. A graphical image is also provided.

Step 2: Setting the Winch in Open Spool and Completing the Connection

The next step is equivalent to shifting the gear neutral in the automobile once the winch is set in an open spool. Make sure there is nothing in the spool and change the system by twisting the knob. It is easy to do it. Remove all the connections from the cell but make sure the grounded lead is kept active. It would be better to name the wires on the schematic so that the results are not misleading. Get a wrench or a set of pliers to separate the terminals. Label the three poles near the engine, A, F1, and F2. 

Get your switch wires which can be around 5–6-inch cables and complete the connection by connecting F1 to the power source. You will notice the motor will be running in the opposite direction. This will give you an idea if your winch solenoid is in good working condition, and if there is a problem even after the motor runs smoothly in both directions, then you must check the valve.

The winch power cables can be connected straight to the battery termination clamp screws. Just that they have to be big enough. These are easily found in supermarkets, auto parts shops, and are not expensive. They might be around a few dollars for a piece and come with an extra-large screw that connects all other electrical things.

In modern winches, it is usually a solenoid or an electromagnetic switch that is used normally. This is what makes sure the winch works properly.  That said you can wire an M8000 winch without using a solenoid. What are the possibilities of wiring a winch without a solenoid?

As mentioned above, winches are important parts of automobiles and they work during emergency situations, like when your vehicle is getting stuck in the sand or water. It is the solenoid which is an electromagnetic coil that prevents explosions and the winches from being overheated and getting burned. It is always believed winches work in tandem with solenoids but know that winches can work without a solenoid. You just need to know how to go about it exactly and let us take you through that procedure so that you know how it works.

How to Wire in a M8000 Winch Without a Solenoid?

To wire an M8000 winch without a solenoid is not a hard task, you should have the same tools which you require when doing it with a solenoid, a set of pliers, jumper cables, and a winch solenoid drawing. Once you get to know the problem, it is not difficult. Follow the below steps-

1. Check the solenoid diagram

Just check the winch solenoid diagram from where you will get the design of the motor.

2. Disconnecting the Terminals and Labelling the Cables

Put your automobile in neutral gear and there should be no load when you let the system move in. The poles should also match so that accidents can be avoided. The terminal can be disconnected from the battery using the pliers or the spanners, and you can label the cables using the drawing as A, F1, and F2. 

3. Connect the Battery

After this, you can use the jumper wires to run the cables and get your battery connected through F2. Once this connection is done then you can get your winch motor to run in one direction. You might need the F1 to get the power source connected. This way you can wire in a winch without a solenoid.  You will know when to bypass the solenoid because having it puts less strain on the winch. 


This post is the best way for you to know how to wire in an M8000 winch with a solenoid and without a solenoid. Though the solenoid is vital when it comes to regulating the car battery, there will be times you can do without it too.

Every winch does not need a solenoid, you can wire in an M8000 winch without it. Hope this post has helped you by giving you a broader knowledge on how to wire an M8000 winch.

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