How to Wire a Winch with a Toggle Switch – [Step by Step]

In this article we will briefly discuss How to Wire a Winch with a Toggle Switch.

What is a toggle switch?

A toggle switch is an electrical switch that opens and closes an electrical circuit by sliding a lever back and forth. Maintain contact and momentary toggle switches fall into this category.

If the contact is linked, the circuit is closed – live – and electrical current can flow through it, allowing the connected device to be turned on and operated. When the contact is pulled away again, the device turns off, interrupting the current flow and reopening the circuit.

What is a toggle switch used for?

Toggle switches are used in many different ways. In our everyday lives, the light switch is the most common toggle switch because it is so unobtrusive yet so vital. It can range from simple functions, such as switching the kettle on or off, to complex functions, such as wiring a winch used in vehicles. Light switches remain the most familiar form – so unobtrusive and yet so essential to daily life.

A toggle switch can be found in:

  1. Heating and air conditioning systems.
  2. Power outlets in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.
  3. Control panels for aircraft.
  4. Conveyor belts to residual current devices are only a few examples of industrial and electric equipment (RCDs).
  5. Automobiles.

Switches for automobiles enable drivers to quickly access headlights, indicator lights, and other controls.

How to Wire a Winch with a Toggle Switch – Steps

The winch toggle switch is an equipment, that finds its application, as a switch, to control the functions of a winch, that in most cases, is controlled by a remote. In fact, it is sometimes more convenient to eliminate the commonly used remote, since it is cumbersome to constantly plug and unplug the remote every time a winch is used. This gross disadvantage of the remote is one of the prime reasons why getting a winch toggle switch can be beneficial.

One can have the toggle switch placed in the driver’s seat, providing the driver unbridled access over the control of the winch from his seat while driving the car at the same time. The trouble of plugging and unplugging the remote control every time you use the winch is substantially reduced with a winch toggle switch. To control the winch with a toggle switch, all that is required is to flip the switch in the driver’s seat.

You might wonder how you will get your winch installed in your vehicle. I mean off course it is costly getting in touch with a mechanic who is going to charge you for getting this done. So how about doing this thing totally by yourself without anybody’s help? This DIY guide will help you install the toggle switch without any hassle if you thought it would be hard or stressful to do it on your own.

The steps to follow are:

Step 1: Prior to installation

  1. Disable the vehicle’s ignition. You’ll need to locate the toggle switch as well as the red, yellow, and green wires that link it. Make that the winch can’t be operated by the toggle switch and that it doesn’t have any power.
  2. Release the clutch on the winch.
  3. If necessary, remove the engine hood or cowling to gain greater access to the installation area.
  4. You will need to cut one spade connector from the supplied green and yellow wires. In this case, wire splices will be used, so spade connectors are not required.

 Step 2: Toggle switch installation

  1. Position tube clamp-on handlebars for convenience.
  2. A capscrew, locknut, flat washer, and shake-proof washer should be used to secure the toggle switch housing to the tube clamp. Tighten the screws firmly.
  3. Check that the Green, Red, and Yellow wires are drawn through the switch casing from the back.
  4. Use the gasket to secure the toggle switch.
  5. Connect the yellow wire to the toggle switch’s top. Connect the Red wire to the toggle switch’s centre terminal. Connect the green wire to the toggle switch’s bottom terminal.
  6. Thread the Green, Yellow, and Red wires through the loom
  7. After attaching the loom to the back of the switch housing, snap the switch into the switch housing.
  8. Run wires from the toggle switch down the handlebars. Make sure to fully rotate the handlebars right and left to ensure you have enough clearance.
  9. Yellow, green, and red cables connect the toggles. Connect the toggle switch’s yellow, green, and red wires to the toggle switch’s corresponding wires.
  10. Splice a yellow wire from the toggle switch and a yellow wire from the wire splice together, then fold the place clip over itself and snap shut. Green and red wires should be connected in the same way.

Step 3: Finishing the installation

  1. Be sure the winch clutch is disengaged before starting the installation.
  2. When the ignition switch is OFF, turn the toggle switch “OUT” so that the switch does not operate. If the winch does not work with the ignition turned off, double-check that the yellow, green, and red cables are connected properly.
  3. Extend out some cable to check whether it is properly spool. Make sure the winch clutch is engaged.
  4. By turning on the ignition and adjusting the toggle switch to “OUT”, the cable will spool out.
  5. Check the wiring harness connected to the winch and the corresponding wires at the toggle switch to see if continuity is present between the wires from the toggle switch and those at the receiver if the winch does not operate with the ignition on.
  6. Make sure that wires are not stretched taut across any surface that might damage them. Cable ties should be used to anchor wires.  Cut off excess.
  7. Toggle switch wires are routed down the handlebars. You should have plenty of clearance by rotating the handlebars right and left.
  8. Connect the wires to the toggle switch and match the toggle switch’s yellow, green, and red cables to the toggle switch’s respective wires.
  9. Fold the wire splice over and snap it shut after inserting a yellow wire from the toggle switch and another yellow wire from the toggle switch. The green and red wires should be connected in the same way.

The winch toggle switch is variable depending on whatever model you purchased. Please refer to the package you received for more information about that.

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