How to Use Electric Winch? – [Step by Step Guide]

Operating a tow truck or wrecker necessitates a thorough knowledge of safety protocols. Even on the simplest of projects, things can go wrong due to traffic and having to cope with severe weather and topographical conditions.

The tow truck driver does not need to make things much riskier by not knowing how to utilize his or her equipment appropriately. Electric winches, such as those used on tow trucks and wreckers, fall into this category.

An electric winch is a lifeless and inanimate piece of machinery on its own. When you connect it to a vehicle, however, it’s a very different story. When in use, winches are inherently dangerous tools that must be approached with caution. When a winch is used incorrectly, it can cause property damage, significant injury, and even death.

How to Use an Electric Winch? – Steps

Electric winches can be used to recover vehicles from deep mud holes in tight places. It is critical to use a proper winch that can perfectly fit the job requirements for a project to be completed successfully. If you’re seeking to buy a winch for your vehicle, you should choose one that is 1.5 times overrated.

  1. Evaluate the circumstances and see if there are any other chances for getting your car back. If you’re traveling with others, let them know where the cables and chains will be placed to move the vehicle to a different location.
  2. Make sure you’re wearing heavy-duty gloves if you’re working with metal rope. This is primarily due to the risk of the winch cable wires breaking or splintering, resulting in damage to the exposed flesh.
  3. Using a hand shovel, clear the area around the tires. To make movement easier, provide an uphill slope in the direction of the pull.
  4. Attach your car to a chain wrapped around the body of a solid pulling structure. If you’re utilizing a live tree, protect the bark with a rubber pad, typically five feet square. Wrap the rubber mat over the back of the tree to provide a protective layer between it and the metal chain.
  5. Connect the chain to the cable hook on the winch. Before using any power on the winch wire, make sure you can wind the cable around the drum for at least three full rotations. Use an extension cable with the clevis hooks if the cable is too short.
  6. Pulling your vehicle at an angle is not a smart idea. Around the winch drum, the cable should be positioned smoothly and evenly. It is not a good idea for the cable to pile up around itself.
  7. Using a rubber mat and the chain, attach the snatch block to draw your vehicle in a straight line. The angle of pull will be corrected using this setup. Attach the snatch block to a new tree by following the same steps you used to loop the chain around a tree for the first time.
  8. Allow the winch wire to pass through the snatch block’s pulley, allowing it to be dragged straight into the winch drum. Notably, by properly using the winch drum assembly, you may use this snatch block setup to draw any vehicle.

Advantages of using Electric Winch

There are electric motors on the inside of an electric winch. The electric winch may be activated with a single button press. However, because the electric winch has so many electrical components, it is critical to maintaining it.

When it comes to electric winches, the most significant advantage is that they do not require human intervention to function and operate. It is powered by electricity. You don’t have to worry about the electric winch as long as there is electricity.

  1. Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of the electric winch. If you’re using an electric winch, you’ll need to take special care of it and keep it in good operating order.
  2. Otherwise, it won’t survive long and you’ll have to replace the components. This will also be quite expensive. As a result, to avoid financial loss, you will need to invest in proper maintenance.
  3. Oiling and greasing the electric winch regularly is critical. Numerous little pieces of the electric winch utilize movements. Greasing the joints is necessary to ensure that the components continue to flow normally.
  4. Despite their expensive maintenance costs, electronic winches function far better than manual winches. It executes the same function in a short amount of time since it employs electrical energy. Other features aren’t available with the manual winches.

Safety Tips

Because of the nature of towing and car recovery, faults with an operator’s equipment are sometimes not noticed until the middle of a task. In other words, a visual check of a winch rope may not show a possible weak point.

The operator may not realize the rope is frayed until it breaks during a recovery. As a result, when utilizing a winch, the tow operator should always presume that danger is there. No matter what the situation, basic safety precautions must be followed.

During recovery, for example, the operator should stay out of the wire rope’s direct path. If the rope snaps, a winch dampener should be employed. When at all practicable, operators should employ spotters.

The spotter should also be away from the rope’s direct path. Neither the operator nor the spotter should pull on the rope to physically aid the winch. Finally, towing companies should never utilize electric winches to recover very large goods.

They also shouldn’t be used for overhead lifting. Winches have weight limits that must be followed at all times. Exceeding an electric winch’s set limits almost usually results in disaster.


In the transportation industry, electric winches are critical. You can use this tool to boost your productivity and improve your activity. When purchasing, we recommend that you get a product with the correct brand. In this situation, you can think about consuming the product over a long period.

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