How to Install Winch on Suzuki Sidekick? – (Guide)

Are you planning to go off-road? You got an excellent off-road vehicle, but what about the dangers in the way. We do not mean the bears and other stuff, and we mean what if your car gets stuck somewhere? It could get stuck or won’t be able to move on hilly places; how do you plan to get out of it? You would require someone’s help. This someone does not have to be only humans; devices like winches can help.

Suzuki Sidekick gives good mileage and is also great when you plan to go on adventures and avoid roads. These have unique features, but they would still require you to get an attachment while pulling heavy loads.

Winches do the job! Whenever you are stuck in the middle of rocks or a puddle or even on the upside hill, a winch can help you through it. We will look at how you could install a winch on your Suzuki Sidekick but first, let us take some precautionary measures.

How to Install a Winch on Suzuki Sidekick? – Guide

You do not have to break a lot of sweat to get a winch installed on your Suzuki Sidekick. Please consider buying a front bumper to install your winch.

  1. Once you have chosen a suitable winch for your Suzuki Sidekick, buy a front bumper, a few nuts and bolts, and a few other tools that will be needed to fix the nuts. 
  2. A front bumper is required as the winch will hide and be secured behind it. These are multiple options of winches for you to choose from. You can also get wireless winches.
  3. Wireless winches would be the best choice as it needs the least amount of time and energy to install and to operate. 
  4. These wireless winches have a remote control that can work with and without wired connections.
  5. Once you have installed the bumper onto your Suzuki Sidekick, you will see that the winches will perfectly sit in it. 
  6. Now install the winch in place by locking it with the correct nuts and bolts. 
  7. Turn off the battery, starting with disconnecting the negative terminal first. Starting with the positive terminal can invite short circuits.
  8. Pull the hook out of a space that is in the midline of the vehicle, and this will help distribute the weight equally when pulling loads. 
  9. You might have to reset the clock as its memory will be erased. 
  10. After this, make all the required connections and secure them with zip ties. Make sure the wires are not in contact with any sharp objects or the battery so that it does not get damaged by the sharpness or heat.
  11. If you followed all these steps carefully and without any injuries, you have now installed the winch on your Suzuki Sidekick. Do a trial run and make adjustments if required.

It is suggested to keep the winch on the horizontal axis when pulling an object, but using a winch while sailing must be held on a vertical axis.

Precautionary Measures

While operating winches, follow these basic safety measures.

  1. Keep the area around winches out of reach to children.
  2. Do not consume any alcoholic substances or drugs before you start operating winches.
  3. Wear safety gloves at all times working with winches.
  4. Operate winches on flat surfaces only.
  5. Choose the winch that is suitable for your particular vehicle.
  6. The winch must be at least 1.5 times your vehicle.
  7. Please do not remove the hook strap from the hook or hook it back to itself, which might damage the cable.
  8. Do not leave your winch with twists, and this can cause a lot of damage to you and the winch cable.


Winches are a device that helps you when you are stuck in hilly areas, rocks, or even a puddle. Not just cars, these are useful to even pull out trees for forestry cement in constructions. Getting one of these installed on your Suzuki Sidekick would be great, but you will have to get a front bumper with it.

After you fix the bumper, installing the winch is all easy. Winch can be fixed using the current size of nuts and bolts and making the correct electrical connections. While doing all of this, do not forget to wear gloves and keep children out of the operating area.

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