How to Install ATV Winch on Trailer? – [Guide]

Have you bought an ATV winch but are not sure how to actually use it. Well, here, we will take you on a detailed description of how to install an ATV winch on a trailer. If you are an avid traveler and are on the road too often, you have probably heard what a winch is and bought an ATV. Installing a winch ATV is as easy as it does on any other kind of rig. 

Atv winches help to pull objects to and from the trailer. If your friends’ car is struck, you can pull it using an ATV winch. However, if your trailer gets stuck, you can use an ATV winch, attach it to a sturdy base like a big tree or rock and pull your vehicle free from snow, waterlogged areas or mud. These tools come incredibly handy and are a lifesaver if you get yourself into a precarious situation. 

Where to Install ?

Trailers usually need to be mounted at the rear sides, and the winch usually sits at the back of the trailer or else at the rear end at the side, otherwise at the end of the trailer. Most ATV winches will have a separate battery connection to make sure they keep on going even if the vehicle batters fails to extract power for winching. In any case, an extra precaution, this helps the ATV winches to function well. Atv winches also have their own battery and cables and can be stored in the toolbox, which remains fitted at the rear end of the vehicle. 

How to Install Winch on Trailer?

These are a few of the best ways to mount the ATV winch on the trailers. Before performing them, however, you must keep some safety precautions in mind to avoid harm to yourself and others, 

Mounting on a Flatbed Trailer

Trailers with railings have advanced to mounting an ATV winch. You need to make sure that you mount the ATV winch on the railing using the receiving hitch mount. Or you could also mount it on the floor bed of the trailer by using a winch mounting plate. However, make sure you remember to use u-bolts to attach the trailer’s frame with the floor bed. 

Mounting on an Enclosed Trailer

Mounting an ATV winch on this kind of trailer may seem complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s child’s play. Make sure you mount beside the cabinet inside on the floor and attach using a bracket. The winch needs to be at least 6 inches above the base; this makes sure that there is no dragging. And the winch also stays out of the way inside the Enclosed trailer. You will need to cut the floor so that the winch mount can easily fit into the place and make sure you tighten with a bolt. Afterwards, attach the lead to the holder.

You could also mount the ATV winch on the trailer’s tongue box and connect it to the frame or brackets, which would be welded with the trailer. This helps support the load of the ATV winch. 

Mounting on a Tilt Deck trailer

Mounting an ATV winch on a tilt deck trailer might be the easiest of them all. Make sure to attach a winch plate mount with a hitch combo bar to the trailer. And also, use a 2″ hitch tow tool to mount the switch. 

Mounting on a Gooseneck trailer

On a gooseneck trailer, you need to make sure to weld a custom winch mount to the low deck of the vehicle. Use a d ring so that the snatch block will be able to lift all the heavy objects and also operate at various angles. The best method of mounting would be to the trailer’s rear bumper. It is the same with almost most trailers. Just hook the winch to a block, and you need to start pulling from a point on the gooseneck trailer. You can also use it without drawing power from the trailer itself.

There are two general ways to wire the winch, depending on where you mount it. 

Wiring an Atv Winch to a Trailer

Firstly make sure you have eye protective glasses before you start working on the battery. Firstly you need to buy a 440 amps in-vehicle battery and a 60A alternator. The disconnector will arrive with a long power cord and a shorter ground cord along with two wires. Attach the disconnect to the vehicle’s rear end and pick out a convenient spot. Round the cord from the vehicle back to the front battery, but make sure you avoid areas that might heat or pinch the wire. 

Situated under the hood of the vehicle, there is a power cord connected to the positive terminal of the car battery and connected to a separate wire to the negative terminal. This ensures a safe grounding source. However, make sure that you have installed the inline breaker using the power cord that’s connected to the winch and the trailer battery. When you wire up after this, the two ends of the wires come and connect from positive to negative posts. Make sure you install a disconnector as well. 


Now that you know how to install an ATV winch on a trailer, it might also be helpful to understand how to install it on other vehicles in case of an emergency. When on the road, make sure you are confident enough to work your way through a winch. Take some time to assess the situation in case of a problem and start working your way out one at a time.

You could also ask your mechanic to install the ATV winch for you on your trailer. However, make sure to get it done before embarking on off-road journeys. Always keep a note of transport service numbers while on the road and do not hesitate to call them even if you are confident in your skills. They get the work done much faster and with professionalism.

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