How to install a Winch on Kwik Lift? – [Step by Step]

You must have seen those vehicles with a huge hook hanging that they use to tow other cars. These big hooks are connected to winches. A winch is basically a device that is structured to pull hefty objects up and down. Winches are often used to tow vehicles.

Winches are usually mounted on heavy vehicles so that they can pull out heavy loads. You can also tie it to heavy objects or mount it on objects you want your car to climb. Yes, we are talking about Kwik Lift.

Kwik Lift provides you with the facility to raise your vehicle above ground and work on it from the underside. These are great if you do not have a huge garage with high ceilings. They are designed for home garages and low raised ceilings. These are made of the best quality steel and have no movable cheap parts. 

To get your vehicle on the Kwik lift, you have to drive it onto it while keeping one end on the Kwik lift at the ground. Doing this is not always possible because the vehicle doesn’t need to be in a condition to run. In such situations, a winch can do the magic. You can install a winch onto your Kwik lift and pull your vehicle onto it. We will see how you can do this but first, let us go through some safety measures.

How to Install a Winch on Kwik Lift? – Steps

Getting your vehicle on a Kwik Lift is pretty easy. You just need to drive your way up, but what if your car doesn’t even start? A winch can help you get your vehicle on a Kwik Lift in such situations.

  1. Buy a winch that suits the capacity you require, and you might also consider buying a winch mount plate as Kwik Lift does not come ready to get a winch installed. Purchase a few nuts and bolts of the size of the winch plate, or you can drill holes into the Kwik Lift if you want to.
  2. These few items will do the job! It would be best to mount the winch on the smaller side of the Kwik Lift, as the car will move towards the winch. 
  3. Drill some holes onto the Kwik Lift and use the mounting plate to fix the winch onto your Kwik Lift using some nuts and bolts. Make sure you have correctly tightened the nuts. 
  4. Give a power supply, and you are all set with a winch on your Kwik Lift. It is that easy!

Now that you are done installing a winch on your Kwik Lift do a trial run and test it. Place the winch in the middle of the bar so that the weight is equally distributed and the vehicle or the winch won’t lose balance.

Safety Measures

Always follow these primary safety measures while operating a winch.

  1. A winch is not a toy; keep it out of reach of children under 16.
  2. Wear safety gloves at all times operating winches, and do not let your hands run through the winch cable turns.
  3. Use appropriate methods and ask for help when needed.
  4. Try operating a winch only on a flat surface.
  5. Do not use recovery patches on the winch cables; they will not do the job and might result in injury or even death.
  6. Do not hook the winch cable onto itself, which might damage the cable.
  7. Try to keep the cable on the mid of the winch and the vehicle to distribute the load equally.


Kwik lifts give you the facility to lift your vehicle above ground so that you can access the underside of the car to operate it. You can quickly drive your vehicle upon the Kwik Lift as it makes a ramp to help you with it, but when the vehicle is not in a condition to run on its own, we will require some help, such as a winch.

A winch can be installed in the middle of the bar towards which the vehicle will move. Placement of the winch in the middle of the bar is crucial to maintain balance. You could use a winch mount plate to get your winch installed. Drill a few holes, fix some nuts and bolts, give some power supply, and you are done! But make sure you take safety precautions as operating a winch is not child’s play.

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