How to Hook up Warn Hydraulic Winch? – (Detailed Guide)

Winches are great for pulling heavy loads up and down and do not require you to break a sweat. Several types of winches take energy differently and perform at different levels. Some are electric that take power from your battery, some are hydraulic, which run on pumps, some run on air, and the list goes on.

Since you have chosen a hydraulic winch, we will look at how to hook up a WARN Hydraulic Winch. Yes, WARN is a great company, and you can trust it with winches. We will look at the process of hooking up the WARN Hydraulic Winch but first, let us go through some safety measures.

How to Hook up a WARN Hydraulic Winch? – Guide

Before you start installing your winch, gain some knowledge about it. In our case, we are using a WARN Hydraulic wireless winch. This winch can be mounted on vehicles and can pull heavy loads.

  1. Now, as you unpack the winch, check for all the items that came with it. With the WARN Hydraulic Winch, you will receive the winch installing hardware. Check for any damage on the winch, a bent or cracks, or anything else.
  2. The area where you will be operating the winch must be free of combustible vapours, chemical fumes, oil vapours, and corrosive material. The temperature can vary anywhere between 120° F(49° C) and -20° F (-29° C). 
  3. You can use the supplied fasteners or SAE Grade 5 (8.8 metric) bolts of the same thread size for mounting. The provided bars or rods must be kept in place, and the flat washers and lock washers should be placed between the bolt heads and mounting surface.
  4. Do not use long bolts, and they might damage the drum.
  5. Disconnect the battery terminals, start with the negative one. Disconnecting the negative ones first is crucial, and not doing so can cause a short circuit. Keep the battery turned off while doing all the wire and cable work.
  6. You can mount the control pack anywhere you want but make sure it is on a flat surface and is easily accessible. 
  7. Choose a motor cable assembly and ground wire routing path clear of sharp edges as you do not want to damage the wires. 
  8. Remove the hose holding the control pack to the winch. Set aside the hardware securing control pack cover from the contactor. 
  9. Keep the wires connected to the contactor as you remove the cover off the contactor, drill holes for mounting the contactor, install the contactors, and reinstall the control pack cover. 
  10. Keep the cable length as small as possible and make all the electrical connections in a clean manner. The power-cut off switch must be installed on an accessible surface. 
  11. To avoid any short circuit, you might want to install a 300 amp circuit breaker in the positive cable near the battery. 
  12. Now install the rope through the slot given in the drum, and the load-carrying rope side must be kept near the drum flange. Set the rope to be installed stably to avoid any damage later.

You are all done as soon as you are done installing and winding the rope around the drum!

How to setup a Hydraulic winch ? watch this Video.

Safety Measures

Always follow safety measures while operating anything, especially a winch.

  1. Make sure that the hook latch is closed and is not supporting the weighted item.
  2. Do not use a hook whose opening has increased or is not in an ideal condition. 
  3. Make time and read the instructions given on the winch manual to know your winch.
  4. Do not let children stay around winches.
  5. Do not let your winch experience a shock load that can damage or break it.

These are just a few safety measures to be followed, but please refer to the winch manual to know about all the precautions that must be taken.


Warn Hydraulic Winches are a great choice when you want to get a hydraulic winch installed on a vehicle. These are best recommended for industrial use as they can handle hefty loads. 

Always follow required safety measures while operating winches and keep the area around winches out of children under the age of 16. Do not let your hands run through the winch cables even while wearing gloves, and always have at least five complete turns of cable around the winch drum.

WARN Hydraulic Winch installation is pretty simple as it is mostly wireless and made with new technology, so go ahead and get one !

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