How to Convert a 12 Volt Winch to 120 Volt? – [Detailed Guide]

The voltage supply in different countries is different with varying ranges of Hertz. The voltage supply can range from 120 to 250 or more. These numbers are not specific, which can alter with time and fluctuations. 

The voltage supply comes in hundreds, but the winch we will be dealing with right now is a 12v winch. So how do we make it work? We will tell you how to do that. Keep reading.

How to Convert a 12 Volt Winch to 120 Volt – Guide

How to Convert a 12 Volt Winch to 120 Volt? Umm…The answer is quite simple. Use a power converter. Power converters are specifically built to convert a 12 volts device to 120 volts, basically running it on a 120 volts power supply. 

You can buy power converters with different power conversion ranges and how it converts. Does it convert a higher voltage to a lower voltage or vice versa? You can purchase either of them and guess what, you can get both of them in one as well.

A step down converter or transformer will bring the higher voltage down to a lower level, and a step up converter or transformer converts the lower voltage to a higher voltage. The two-in-one converter, step up and step down converter, can work both ways.

Using a power converter will do the job if you are working with AC power. But if the power supply is DC, you will have to use a bridge rectifier along with the power converter.

1. Power Converter Supplier

Power converters are extremely important if you are a traveller. you might travel overseas and realise that your device does not work there because of the voltage, so to help this situation we have power converters. You can use these to convert a 12 volts winch to a 120 volts winch.

There are plenty of suppliers of power converters online and offline; the hardware stores. The price can be very low and really high depending on the quality, capacity, and brand as well. We will now look at the top companies that supply power converters. 

2. LVYAN Power Converters

If you are looking for a converter that can handle heavy supplies, LVYAN is your guy. These are built to handle heavy loads and work all day. The maximum capacity of LVYAN is 3000W. It has six outlets on which you can attack your electronic devices. These can work around the world and are a bit heavy at 15.9 pounds. It costs around $95.99. It is not just a step down or step-up converter, it works both ways. Yes, it is a two-in-one.

3. GEARGO 230W Power Converter

GEARGO 230W Power Converters are one of the best converters out there in the market. These are step-down transformers or converters that can work worldwide and cost about $42.99 on Amazon. These have three sockets and are easy to carry. These can be used for many everyday electronic devices. 

4. LVYAN 3000W Voltage Converter

Yes, this one, too, is from LVYAN. The maximum compatible appliance wattage is 3000W. These have four outlets to attach your devices to it. These are great for heavy-duty, such as for a winch. LVYAN weighs about 10.3 pounds, works worldwide, and the power cord is 1.5 metres long. Even this power converter works two ways and can work for hours without a break.


Different countries of the world have different voltage supplies, and it is in AC power. A winch with a lower voltage capacity can be a problem with the home power supply, but this issue is fixable. 

You can convert a 12 volts winch to 120 volts with ease. All you need to do is attach a power converter, also known as a transformer. A power converter or a transformer comes in different capacities, shapes, and sizes. They have many outlets for you to attach your device.

Working with an AC power supply, you only have to attach a converter, but with a DC source of power supply, you will require a bridge rectifier. Before operating any of these devices, make sure you follow the precautionary measures as it can be dangerous to work with electricity, insulating safety items must do the job.

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