How to Build a Mini Winch? – [Step by Step]

A winch is a kind of requirement at some point in life, even in a household, as you will have to lift heavy weights. Why break a lot of sweat? Just get a winch. Winches are great when you want to lift heavy weights with little to no effort. These are usually mounted upon vehicles and used to pull heavy loads.

We often are required to lift heavy weights in our households, and our backs cannot always afford it. In such situations, winches can be of great help. You do not always have to buy it, and you can also build one. So now, let us get into the tutorial on how to build a mini winch. But first, some safety measures.

How to Build a Mini Winch? – Steps

Building a winch is not that difficult if you have some experience with a few electrical tools like soldering. In this tutorial, the primary item we will be using is a car window motor, which is basically a winch. We just need to make it work like one.

Step 1: Now look at your car window motor, it has an axis that is not movable but it does have an outer covering that moves. This outer covering will not yet hold the winch drum, so we will have to fix something for it to hold the winch drum.

Step 2: Fix a metal piece to the movable outer covering of the axis that will now hold the winch drum that we will construct. 

Step 3: To construct the winch drum, you will need three metal pieces; two metal circles and one metal cylinder. Now solder all three together to look like a sewing machine thread dispenser. This will again work as a thread dispenser but for a winch. Fix this piece to the movable covering.

Step 4: Now that you have the winch drum, you need a frame to hold this in place. So start by building a frame around the drum. You can use metal pieces soldered into a triangle around the drum horizontally. 

Step 5: Now use two pieces of metal to connect the drum top piece to the triangular frame. Now you have your winch drum held in place, and you will have some space between the two vertical metal pieces for the cable to pass through. 

Step 7: Wind a few rounds of thread or cable, at least five rounds around the winch drum. And put the open end through the space we had left for it. You can now test your winch after you give a power supply. 

And you are all done! You have your own mini winch ready!

Safety Measure

There are a few safety measures you always have to follow surrounding winches to keep others and yourself safe.

  1. Always wear safety gloves and glasses while operating winches and electrical tools.
  2. Do not let children stay around you while operating dangerous tools; the blades or the sparks might hurt them.
  3. Make sure you have not consumed any substances that might affect your consciousness before operating electrical tools. 
  4. It’s great if you are well versed with these tools, but if not, please do ask for help from people who have a good hand at it. 


Building a winch is not at all a difficult job. A winch is basically a motor that pulls heavyweights to save you some time and energy. Always take safety measures before operating electrical tools, and do not let children stay around during the process. 

Winches come in many sizes and capacities that serve different purposes; you can choose the one you want depending on the weight you want to lift. They are generally mounted on vehicles and are also used in household chores as not all of us have strong backbones. Do we?

In this tutorial, we used a car window motor to create a mini winch. We fixed metal pieces on the movable part around the axis and a frame to hold it in the frame. And finally giving it a power supply. Yes, this was basically the process of building a mini winch. 

You just need some experience with soldering and maybe some sanding to smooth out surfaces when required. Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need some. Asking for help is better than getting hurt or not getting the work done. Isn’t it?

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