Best Cheap Winch for Jeep in 2022 – (Reviews)

The key features a winch satisfies are what gives it an edge to be purchased. A winch with a higher pull line rating or capacity is advised along with synthetic rope over a steel cable. Typically a waterproof rope comes with an IP rating of 65-68, and the one with the higher rating is preferred to work in water. 

If you are looking for a cheap yet sturdy and reliable winch for your jeep, this article is perfect for you. We have here a few options that you can choose from. They are not only cheap but also reliable and durable.

List of the Best Cheap Winch For Jeep as are under:

  1. WARN 92000 Vehicle Mounted 2000 Series 12V DC Electric Utility Winch
  2. FIERYRED 12V 4500LBS Electric Steel Cable ATV Winch
  3. OFF ROAD BOAR 4500-lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch
  4. ZEAK 3500 lb. Advanced 12V DC Electric Winch

1. WARN 92000 Vehicle Mounted 2000 Series 12V DC Electric Utility Winch

WARN 92000 Vehicle Mounted 2000 Series 12V DC Electric Utility Winch

Model Number92000
Weight‎19.4 pounds
Load Capacity2000 lbs
WaterproofPartially Waterproof
RopeSynthetic: 35′ Length x 3/16″ Diameter
Motor1.6hp, 12V DC, series wound
ControlRemote switch, 12′ (3.7m) Lead
Gear Ratio153:1

The warn 92000 model is compact and lightweight, weighing just 19.4 lbs. It is small in size, allowing you to mount at tight spots, and is perfectly developed to be used on trailers and hitch mounts. It comes with all the required features it is fit for lighter loads decreasing the time taken for the same. It can bear a load of up to 1 ton that is 2,000 lbs, and comes with a year-long limited warranty. 

The steel cable rope wire is 35 feet long and 3/16 inches wide, along with a hook and clasp. It comes with a 1.6 horsepower permanent magnet DC motor that requires a voltage of 12 volts to work on. The differential planetary geartrain helps it gain an outstanding duty cycle and makes it durable. The gear reduction ratio provided is 153:1. 

It is accompanied by a corded remote extending up to 12 feet. It has a self-locking gear train with a maximum line pull speed of 4.2 feet per minute. It draws 80 Amp when fully loaded. It is an automatic product, provided with two mounting holes of 3.1-inches long. The WARN 92000 is gray-colored from the outside and possesses a hawse fairlead. 

  • Durable and highly reliable with an excellent duty cycle. 
  • Provides a greater holding and control with a dynamic braking system.
  • It does not come with a thermal shutoff and lacks free-spooling.

2. FIERYRED 12V 4500lb Electric Steel Cable ATV Winch

FIERYRED 12V 4500LBS Electric Steel Cable ATV Winch

Model Number‎S-WIN4500-UFA
Weight‎28 pounds
Dimensions16.14″ L x 11.02″ W x 7.09″ H Inches
Load Capacity4500 lbs
RopeSynthetic: 25′ Length x 3/8″ Diameter
Motor1.9HP(1.4KW) Permanent Magnet DC Motor
ControlWired (2.5 meters; 8.20ft); Wireless (25 meters; 82.02ft)
Gear Ratio153:1

With a rated single line pull of 4,500 lbs, the cable is 0.21-inches thick and 49.21 feet long. It has a monstrous winching power thanks to its 1.9 horsepower permanent magnet motor and a differential planetary gear purely made of metal. The gear reduction ratio it exhibits is 153:1 and comes with a ten times stronger rope cable than the standard one. 

It has a more substantial pulling capacity and is ideal for ATVs and UTVs. It has a black textured matte finish making it rainproof and moisture-free in the company of a sealed engine. Being trustworthy and long-lasting, it is furnished with a year-long warranty and a lifetime technical support by the company. It requires a 12 volts voltage and a recommended minimum battery of 23A, with the maximum current under full load being 140 Amp. 

It has a wired remote with a 25m long wire and a wireless remote. However, the wireless remote is not waterproof, and the winch cannot be operated at an angle more than 15° as it is prone to damage above that. The purchase includes a control box, a 4-way roller fairlead, a universal mounting plate, and a user manual along with the winch and the rope.

The winch is 16.14-inches long, 11-inches wide, and 7-inches in height, weighing somewhere between 28-30 pounds.  The drum diameter is 1.46-inches, and its length is 2.83-inches, the mounting bolt pattern is 5.1-inches x 2.99-inches. When under full load, it can pull out a vehicle at a speed of 2.6 feet per minute, and when no load is attached, its pulling speed is 10.8 feet per minute. 

  • It guarantees reliable pulling in any harsh environment and a faster line speed when under load.
  • Ten times stronger rope for better pulling.
  • Trustworthy and long-lasting, it is rainproof and fights against moisture.
  • It consumes more battery and may discharge the battery.
  • It cannot be used for anything not mentioned in the instruction manual.

3. OFF-ROAD BOAR 4500-lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch

OFF ROAD BOAR 4500-lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch

Model Number5559009385
Weight‎28 pounds
Dimensions13.2″ L x 4.5″ W x 4.7″ H Inches
Load Capacity4500 lbs
RopeSynthetic: 50′ Length of 7/32″ Diameter
Motor1.5kw,1.3HP 12V DC
ControlWired and Wireless Dual Remote
Gear Ratio166:1

The winch is 16.2-inches long, 11.2-inches wide, and 7.2-inches with a load pulling capacity of 4.500 lbs and itself weighs just 28 pounds. With a differential planetary permanent magnet gear, it provides a gear reduction ratio of 166:1. It can pull out a vehicle at a speed of 16 feet per minute without load and 3.3 feet per minute under full load. 

The mounting bolt measures 4 7/8 -inches x 3.13-inches, and the synthetic cable is 50 feet long with a diameter of 7/32-inches. It is a waterproof winch rated with an IP67 waterproof rating protecting it from rain and moisture. With an overload protection, it is also corrosion-resistant. You are provided with a lifetime technical support facility and a year-long limited warranty.

It is small in size and offers quick installation and dismantling. It has a 1.5 kW motor with 1.3 horsepower requiring a 12 volt DC current. It includes a mechanical braking system, a free-spooling clutch, a clevis hook, and a roller fairlead. The winch offers a facility for both wired and wireless remote switches. It is perfect to use for ATVs and UTVs and lighter vehicles.

  • It is reliable and valuable comes with a low-profile design and multiple installation alternatives.
  • It is compact convenient to install and displace.
  • The instruction manual is hard to understand.
  • Can drain out the battery.

4. ZEAK 3500 lb. Advanced 12V DC Electric Winch

ZEAK 3500 lb. Advanced 12V DC Electric Winch

Model Number‎ZEAK-3500N
Weight‎20 pounds
Dimensions12.4″ L x 4″ W x 4.1″ H Inches
Load Capacity3500 lbs
RopeSynthetic: 50′ Length x 1/4″ Diameter
Motor1.1 hp , 12V DC Permanent Magnet
ControlWireless Remote
Gear Ratio153:1

The package comes with a 12.4-inches long, 4-inches wide, and 4.1-inches high winch capable of pulling a load of 3,500 lbs. It itself weighs around 20 pounds and comes with a 1 CR2 battery. Accompanied by a 12 volts DC permanent magnet motor, it generates 1.1 horsepower and has a free-spooling clutch. 

The winch exhibits a gear reduction ratio of 153:1 and comprises a 3-stage planetary gear train system. The braking system is dynamic with a drum diameter of 1.5-inches and a length of 3.5-inches. It uses a 50 feet long and 1/4-inches wide synthetic rope and has a black powdered coated finish making it corrosion-resistant. 

It can be used to rescue vehicles from all types of harsh conditions and has a 12.3 feet long wired remote attached to it. It comes with a hawse fairlead and a weather-sealed solenoid and circuit breaker alongside an 8.2-inches long handlebar-mounted rocker switch. 

The standard mounting bracket measures 5.1-inches x 7.2-inches x 2.3-inches, making it ideal for ATVs and UTVs. When under full load, it exhibits a line pull speed of 4 feet per minute, and when no load is put on the winch, it has a speed of 13.3 feet per minute. The winch is IP65 waterproof rated.

  • The brakes prevent the sliding of the rope, and the winch is corrosion-resistant.
  • Weather-sealed solenoid makes it safe to use in all conditions.
  • It can be used underwater and is waterproof.
  • If you want a wireless remote, you will have to purchase it separately, it is not included in the package.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the best cheap winch for Jeep?

The ZEAK 3500 lb Advanced 12V DC Electric Winch is the cheapest winch for your vehicle, costing just about 130 dollars. It does not allow the rope to slide and is corrosion free and unaffected by all types of weather conditions. It can also be submerged in water since it comes with an IP65 rating.

This winch is best for lightweight vehicles, and itself weighs just 20 pounds, making it compact to carry and install. The only drawback it has is that it lacks a wireless remote, but that can be overlooked since you get a pretty good wired remote control


This article furnishes you with a cheap alternative to the highly-priced winches. You can buy a winch costing slightly lower than the standard winches if you use a lightweight vehicle. These winches provide the maximum reliability and durability one looks for when purchasing and offer numerous features that adds to their value. After reading this article, you will be able to select the best winch for your vehicle at an affordable price without spending extra on extra features. 

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