Best Winch for 1 ton Truck – (Reviewed in 2022)

If you don’t have the time to choose the best winch for your one ton truck, you don’t need to worry; we’re here to assist your purchase. Choosing the best truck winch is difficult if you consider the alternatives present in the market are always betting on the performance and the features. 

The pulling capacity, motor, braking system, rope type, safety aspects, remote control, and overall construction are a few points always to consider before choosing a winch. Let us look at the best winches for 1-ton trucks listed in the article.

List of 3 Best Winches for 1 ton Truck as are under:

  1. WARN 103250 VR EVO 8 Electric 12V DC Winch
  2. Smittybilt 97695 XRC 9.5K GEN3 Winch
  3. Warn 89611 ZEON 10-S Winch

1. WARN 103250 VR EVO 8 Electric 12V DC Winch

WARN 103250 VR EVO 8 Electric 12V DC Winch

Model Number‎103250
Weight83.5 pounds
Dimensions21 (L) x 6.3 (W) x 10.1 (H) Inches
Load Capacity8.000 lbs
WaterproofYES (IP68)
Motor12V DC, series wound
ControlDual Wireless and wired Remote switch
Gear Ratio265:1

The WARN 103250 VR EVO 8 electric winch is 21-inches in length, 6.3-inches in width, and 10.1-inches in height with a product weight of 83.5 pounds. The winch is ideal for two-door jeeps, light trucks, and SUVs with a single-line pull of 8,000 lbs. The design, engineering, and testing of the winch have been conducted by the WARN engineers in the USA and come with a heavy-duty sturdy steel cable rope. 

The winch can efficiently work in all types of off-roading journeys and fight against all weather conditions. The winch has an Albright contractor for maximum durability contained in a control box with multiple installation options and a one-piece cast-iron aluminum plate for intensified strength. It has a mounting bolt pattern of 10-inches x 4.5-inches, making it easily mountable and convenient to operate. 

Thanks to the IP-68 waterproof rated construction, which eliminates the chances of damage by outside elements, the winch is highly trustworthy and works even when immersed underwater. These winches are designed tactfully as a sleek product that works hard with a faster line speed and lower amp draw.

A limited lifetime warranty accompanies the winch on the mechanics and a 7-year extended electric warranty, and is pocket-friendly and won’t cost you a fortune. The EVO 8 possesses a powerful series wound motor and a 3-stage planetary gear system for strength and faster line speed. The winch offers you a versatile state-of-the-art two-in-one remote control with wired and wireless alternatives for added ease and comfort.

  • The winch is easy to handle and install and can bear the ill effect of harsh weather conditions and rough off-roading trips.
  • It comes with a dual option remote for both wired and wireless operations giving ease of operation.
  • It is an IP-68 waterproof rated product that bars any outside elements from entering and damaging the hardware of the winch.
  • The winch lacks a cable chafe guard and has poor packaging that may cause the products to arrive defective.

2. Smittybilt 97695 XRC 9.5K GEN3 Winch

Smittybilt 97695 XRC 9.5K GEN3 Winch

Model Number97965 ‎XRC Gen3
Weight82.8 pounds
Dimensions27 (L) x 14 (W) x 10 (H) Inches
Load Capacity9500 lbs
Motor7.0 hp 12V DC, series wound
ControlRemote switch, 12′ (3.7m) Lead
Gear Ratio173:1

The Smittybilt 97965 XRC GEN 3 winch is a lightweight and compact product with 27-inches length, 14-inches width, 10-inches height, and 82.8 pounds of weight. Smittybilt is a trusted brand producing more robust, faster, and more durable winches for jeeps and trucks that are easy to operate and convenient to mount. 

The winch comes with a robust 7.0 HP motor with a 12% faster line speed than its GEN2 predecessor version and an innovative modern design to make it user-friendly. It comes with a state-of-the-art ergonomically designed remote control technically made to carry out numerous functions. 

The remote comes equipped with a load indicator warning system for safety purposes and an in-built flashlight for easy operation at night. The load indicator shows four options: ready, loading, maximum load, and overload via a series of LED lights. The remote control includes two built-in magnets for placement on any metal surface, eliminating any hindrance in operation. The control box consists of an additional power port of 12 volts.

The body armor is detachable and can be removed depending on the requirement. The winch uses a 94 feet long heavy-duty stainless steel cable rope with a single line pull of 9,500 lbs and a 4-way aluminium hawse roller fairlead for improved strength. The product has a lifetime mechanical warranty and a 5-year extended electrical warranty. 

The winch uses forged steel gearing, not stamped steel gearing, for a faster-pulling speed and a re-engineered silicon rotor for lower amp draw. The 3-stage planetary gear system exhibits a gear ratio of 173:1 and comes with an automatic in-drum braking system for better control.

  • The product is IP waterproof rated, making it withstand punishments caused by the weather.
  • It comes with a powerful 7HP motor offering 12% faster line speed than the last-gen model and detachable body armor.
  • The remote control indicates an overload warning, an in-built flashlight for better working in the dark, and an in-built pair of magnets for ease of operation.
  • The winch is hard to set up. It is a big task to assemble and disassemble the winch.

3. Warn 89611 ZEON 10-S Winch

Warn 89611 ZEON 10-S Winch

Model Number89611
Weight80.4 pounds
Dimensions26.25 (L) x 8.5 (W) x 19.75 (H) Inches
Load Capacity10,000 lbs
RopeSynthetic: 3/8″ Diameter x 100′ Length
Motor12V DC, series wound
ControlRemote switch, 12′ (3.7m) Lead
Gear Ratio162:1

The WARN 89611 ZEON winch is 80.4 pounds in weight, 26.25-inches in length, 8.5-inches in width, and 19.75-inches in height. With a mounting bolt pattern of 10-inches x 4.5-inches, the winch comes with multiple mounting options like the low profile mounting and an integrated mounting facility. The winch uses a 100 feet long and 3/8-inches thick Spydura synthetic cable with a rated single-line pull of 10,000 lbs. 

This winch comes with a unique balance with a unique styling on the outside and a uniform design giving it a sleek and modern look consistent on both sides. The powerful 12V DC series wound motor, and the terminals sit aligned for more efficiency. The motor and the revolutionary planetary gear train system that exhibits a ratio of 162:1 accounts for strength and durability. 

The rope comes coiled on a 9-inch long and 3.15-inches thick drum attached to the automatic mechanical cone braking system for maximum safety. The drum helps diminish the wear and tear of the rope and comes with an integrated rope anchor for ease of installation. You can efficiently operate the winch by remote control with a 13 feet long lead.

The winch contains an aluminum hawse fair lead and a powder-coated black finish protecting it against abrasion from outside elements. The winch operates without any noise and is equipped with topflight sealing making it corrosion resistant and providing an utterly revolutionary look. The winch is lightweight and compact with stainless steel fasteners and a clutch. 

  • The winch is lightweight and compact, making it long-lasting, sturdy, and reliable.
  • The planetary gear train and powerful motor provide faster line speed and noiseless operation.
  • The winch is balanced uniquely with a consistent design on all sides with multiple mounting options.
  • The mounting of the winch takes more time than expected.


The article helps you get your hands on the best winches for your trucks after careful analysis of their features. With a detailed description of the product and its pros and cons, you can easily choose between the three winches listed in the article. 

Choosing the perfect winch according to your truck and your requirements; otherwise, it won’t be effective and would trouble you. We have three winches that we have shortlisted as the best winches for 1-ton trucks with numerous features with the most tactfully designed body and remote controls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the best winch for a 1-ton truck?

The Smittybilt 97965 XRC 9.5K GEN3 Winch is the best 1-ton truck winch. The winch is an IP68 waterproof rated product that can withstand all adverse weather conditions and rough terrains. The winch is lightweight, compact, and easy to operate and comes with detachable body armor making it versatile.

It has a state-of-the-art remote containing numerous functions like an overload warning indicator, an inbuilt flashlight, and inbuilt pair of magnets for a better winching experience. It also uses a powerful motor offering 12% faster lines speed than other winters created by the company.

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