Best Portable Electric Winch – (Reviewed in 2022)

A winch is one of the best investments an off-roading and fishing enthusiast can make since it delivers best-in-class performance with its outstanding benefits. Winches are multi-purpose products that cater to the tasks of pulling out a vehicle, lifting heavy loads, keeping anchors in place underwater, and many more. 

This article delivers the four best portable electric winches with their detailed description to assist your decision-making and winching experience. 

1. Goldenrod Electric Trailer Winch

Goldenrod Electric Trailer Winch

Model NumberTW9000
Weight13.63 Kg
Dimensions12.7″ (L) x 11.2″ (W) x 10.8″ (H)
Load Capacity9000lb
Gear Ratio570:1

The Goldenrod Electric Winch is a small and compact product that is one of the most hardworking and diligent winches delivering the best winching experience. The winch measures 12.7 inches in length, 11.2 inches in width, and 10.8 inches in height, weighing 13.63 kilograms. This Dutton-Lainson company winch is designed for boats of 9000 pounds or below in weight, making it a heavy-duty and rigid product. The winch uses a grey-colored exterior and comes with a limited warranty by the manufacturer. 

The winch offers a double braking system with dynamic brakes and mechanical friction brakes for enhanced control eliminating the risk of rope slippage. It comes with a 3-position rotatory switch that allows an easy and hassle-free operation to make our winching experience better, and it comes with three functions, namely, in, out, and off. The winch uses an extraordinarily high and beneficial gear reduction ratio of 570:1 and an emergency crank handle to allow functioning in the manual mode. 

The winch comes with a heavy-duty sturdy polyester strap already installed at the time of purchase in place of a standard synthetic or steel wire cable rope attached to a strong hook, unlike other winches. The strap allows better functioning and usage, with the belt extending up to 20 feet with a diameter of 2 inches. The winch furnishes you with a 25 feet long positive battery wire and an 8 feet long ground wire for enhanced battery connection.

  • The winch offers a long positive and ground wire for better connection and hassle-free working.
  • It uses a polyester strap in place of a rope or wire cable with a sturdy latched hook allowing better functioning, delivering the best winching experience designed for heavy boats.
  • It uses a high gear ratio and double braking system for maximum control and smooth functioning of the product, with an additional crank handle for emergencies.
  • The winch is hard to install, and the installation process is time-consuming.

2. WARN 885030 PullzAll Cordless 24V DC Portable Electric Winch

WARN 885030 PullzAll Cordless 24V DC Portable Electric Winch

Model Number885030
Weight20 Pounds
Dimensions16.25″ (L) x 13.75″ (W) x 12.5″ (H)
Load Capacity1000lb
Motor24v DC Motor
Rope15′ Length 7/32″ Diameter

The WARN 885030 PullzAll Cordless 24V DC Portable Electric Winch comes with the overall product dimensions measuring 16.25 inches in length, 13.75 inches in width, and 12.5 inches in height. This lightweight and compact portable winch is a multi-utility product weighing 20 pounds and possesses a maximum rated line pull capacity of 1,000 pounds, ideal for all boats. 

The winch comes with a 24V DC robust motor making it a versatile and multi-purpose product that delivers reversing and forwarding operations via a speed trigger offering reversing and forwarding functions. The winch provides smooth functioning using a NiMH rechargeable battery pack and LED electronic indicators lights for detailed information about the hardware during the product’s duty cycle. 

The winch uses a 15 feet long steel wire and sturdy heavy-duty rope with a diameter of 7/32 inches, delivering a robust pulling experience in all aspects like stretching your garden fence wire and pulling out a stuck vehicle and lifting heavy loads. It comes with an industrial-grade swivel anchor hook that fits all your requirements and a nylon strap attached to the winch body for easy transportation and lifting. 

  • The winch provides a load indicator and LED lights with a variable trigger switch and an industry-graded swivel anchor hook.
  • It operates via a wireless and cordless remote control offering easy and uncomplicated load-lifting and hassle-free functioning.
  • It uses a robust 24V NiMH battery that is rechargeable and allows multi-purpose operations.
  • This winch does not provide a free spooling option and is not powerful enough.

3. Megaflint Trailer Winch, Reversible Electric Winch

Megaflint Trailer Winch,Reversible Electric Winch

Weight18.3 Pounds
Dimensions15.9″ (L) x 12.1″ (W) x 11.1″ (H)
Load CapacityIts capacity is 6,000 lbs. rolling, 5,000 lbs. Marine, and 2,000 lbs. Pulling. The max boat weight is 5,000 lbs. It is designed for boats up to 6000 lbs
Motor12v DC Motor
Control Corded Remote Control

The Megaflint Trailer Winch measures 15/9 inches in length, 12.1 inches in width, and 11.1 inches in height, weighing 27.9 pounds. It delivers 30% higher power than its competitors in the marketplace thanks to its powerful and robust 12V DC motor allowing higher capacity. The winch draws a maximum current of 20 Amps requiring a minimum battery of 12 volts for smooth and hassle-free operation. 

The winch is easy to mount and install with its mounting plate of 8 3/4 inches x 4 15/16 inches x 5/32 inches. It delivers a maximum pulling capacity of 2,000 pounds, a marine capacity of 5,000 pounds, and a maximum rolling capacity of 6,000 pounds boasting a line speed of 6 feet per minute with a full load attached. 

It is a hardworking and outstanding product with a corded rocker switch remote control system that delivers a freewheel operation via its 16 feet long cord. The clutch it uses requires regular tightening before the procedure in the clockwise direction to offer the best winching experience during its duty cycle. The winch provides a dual-mode of operation catering to its modern design with the power in and out features. 

It comes with a heavy-duty sturdy galvanized steel wire cable rope with a latched hook delivering a better engagement and disengagement facility with the cord extending up to 30 feet in length. It provides powerful performance and strong power with a dual-power mode and less friction with a non-friction braking system making the operating process completely noiseless.

  • The winch uses a corded remote control system for the best and smooth functioning with a noiseless operation.
  • It comes with a powerful and robust motor that delivers 30% more power than the other alternatives with a mechanical frictionless braking system for enhanced control.
  • The winch is a versatile and multi-purpose product that caters to numerous tasks and benefits, allowing both electrical and manual modes of operation.
  • The winch has a sorry duty cycle and heats up quickly if used continuously. It uses a hand-crank handle making the manual operating difficult.

4. KEEPER KW75122RM-1 12V DC Rapid Mount Portable Winch

KEEPER KW75122RM-1 12V DC Rapid Mount Portable Winch

Model Number‎KW75122RM-1
Weight25 Pounds
Dimensions21.8″ (L) x 6.3″ (W) x 10.05 (H)
Load Capacity7500lb
Motor4.5hP, 12v DC Motor
Rope72′ Length 5/16″ Diameter
Gear Ratio180:1

The KEEPER KW75122RM-1 12V DC Rapid Mount Portable Winch is a lightweight and compact multi-purpose dynamic winch that makes it easy to handle and transport. It comes with the product dimensions of 21.8 inches in length, 6.3 inches in width, and 10.05 inches in height, with an overall item weight of 25 pounds. It is a highly efficient winch with a robust 4.5 HP 12V DC motor that delivers strong pulling power.

The winch exhibits a rated line pull capacity of 7,500 pounds using a fully automatic 100% load holing system delivering maximum control over power loading in and out and a 4-way roller fairlead assisting large load operations. It uses a 3-stage planetary gear system, exhibiting a gear reduction ratio of 180:1, delivering high efficiency with a lift and turn clutch, providing free spooling smooth operation. 

It uses a rugged and sturdy galvanized 72 feet long, 5/16 inches thick steel wire cable rope with its mouth attached to a clevis hook with a latch and red warning area for better engagement and disengagement. This portable winch uses a state-of-the-art handheld pendant-shaped switch on the remote control, offering high-density LED  lighting and wireless control functions with its 15 feet long remote lead. 

The winch uses a high solid tension cable plate to keep the rope in place and avoid rope slippage and wear and tear, delivering maximum safety and comfort. The winch package includes additional pulley blocks and recovery straps for a better winching experience and transportation of the product.

  • It uses a robust motor and a high ratio exhibiting planetary gear train with additional accessories delivering the best, safest, and smoothest winching experience with enhanced power and 100% load-holding brakes.
  • The winch is a diligent and hardworking product operational via a comprehensive corded remote control offering LED lighting and wireless control operation with its pendant-like switch.
  • The winch uses a heavy-duty galvanized steel wire rope that is held tight in its place with a high tension cable plate making the rope reliable and trustworthy.
  • The winch lacks an aluminum hawse fairlead if you want to switch the steel wore rope with a synthetic one, and the cable spools in one spot if pulled out to a great extent.

5. KEEPER KTSL2000RM 12V DC Rapid Mount Portable Winch

KEEPER KTSL2000RM 12V DC Rapid Mount Portable Winch

Model Number‎KTSL2000RM
Weight23.8 Pounds
Dimensions15.6″ (L) x 12.8 ” (W) x 7.1″ (H) Inches
Load Capacity6000 lb. Rolling Load, 2000 lb. Pulling, 5000 lb. boat fully loaded up to 18’ long
Rope30′ Length 5/32″ Diameter
Motor1.8 hp 12v DC Series wound Motor
ControlRemote Switch (10′) Lead

The KEEPER KTSL2000RM 12V DC Rapid Mount Portable Winch is a small-sized winch that includes the remote control with the purchase package. It is portable and convenient to transport a winch weighing 23.8 pounds, making it ideal for all marine and utility recoveries. It uses a powerful 12V DC series wound motor exhibiting a power of 1.8 Horsepower for enhanced and improved strength and power while operating. 

The winch uses a 30 feet long and a 5/32 inches thick galvanized steel wire cable rope that is less prone to fraying and comes attached with a looped thimble and latched clevis hook. The hook provides better engaging and disengaging of the vehicle assisting the towing process. It furnishes you with a case hardened and spurs gearing system for smooth and better functioning during its duty cycle using a rapid mount bracket for the trailer hitch ball. 

The winch uses a free spooling turn friction manual clutch plate with the hardware operational via a 10 feet long corded handheld toggle switched remote control for ease and convenience. The winch comes with a circuit breaker and a water-sealed plug providing it protection against water and outside elements. It possesses a rated line pull of 2,000 pounds, a rolling single line pull of 5,000 pounds, and a line speed of 8 feet per minute.

  • It is a lightweight and compact product easily transported via a built-in crying handle for added ease and comfort.
  • The winch uses an anti-vibration and no-frictional working via its held toggle remote and comes with a heavy load-bearing capacity.
  • It comes with a circuit breaker and a water-sealed plug protecting it against damage caused by water and other elements.
  • The winch is not as fast as the company boasts. It is a little slow when functioning.


This article assists your purchasing process when you are confused about the best portable electric winches for your needs. Electric winches are more beneficial than hydraulic winches, and a portable electric winch is just like a cherry on the cake since it is easy to transport and hassle-free to use. These five winches listed in the article are the best portable electric winches that deliver top-flight performance and are budget-friendly.

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