Best Anchor Winch for Pontoon Boat – (Reviewed in 2022)

A winch for an anchor is one of the best options you can encounter. It helps place the anchor and eliminate the anchor swinging beneath the boat, providing firmness and stability. Setting the anchor manually is a big task, and this is where you require a winch to make it easy. We have a list of the best anchor winch for pontoon boats that offers the best experience.

  1. Minn Kota 1810125 Deckhand 25 Electric Anchor Winch
  2. Minn Kota 1810140 DH 40 DeckHand Electric Anchor Winch
  3. Trac Outdoors Deckboat 40 AutoDeploy-G3 Electric Anchor Winch

1. Minn Kota 1810125 Deckhand 25 Electric Anchor Winch

Minn Kota 1810125 Deckhand 25 Electric Anchor Winch

Brand‎Minn Kota
Model Number1810125
Weight12.8 Pounds
Dimensions13.75″ (L) x 8.75″ (W) x 8.75″ (H) Inches
Motor12V DC Motor

The Minn Kota DecHand 25 1810125 winch is a lightweight and compact winch by Johnson Outdoors. The winch comes with a black body suited for all varieties of boats with the product dimensions of 13.75 inches in length, 8.75 inches in width, and 8.75 inches in height, weighing 12.8 pounds. The DeckHand 25 has a 2,500 pounds anchor capacity thanks to its pre-spooled 800-pound test nylon rope extending up to 60 feet. 

It uses a 12V DC battery to work and automatically lifts and lowers the anchor with a button. It uses a unique anti-drag bottom sensing system like other Minn Kota winch models making it one of the best and most hardworking electric winches for anchors and pontoon boats for controlled drifting. It uses synthetic and highest quality material, ensuring durability and reliability for all conditions.

It allows davit mounting at the base of the DeckHand and horizontally on the boat’s deck with a specialized motor that automatically stops the rope spooling when the anchor touches the bottom of the water body, or an obstacle tightens the string. It is compatible with old models and comes with a remote mountable anchor davit with the purchase.

  • It uses top-quality material for best-in-class performance using synthetic material and a black finish giving it an ultra-modern look.
  • The winch uses the anti-drag system of sensing the bottom to stop the rope from spooling when the anchor reaches the bottom.
  • It uses an 800-pound test nylon rope, making it a hardworking, lightweight, and compact product that fits your budget.
  • This winch drains the battery quickly and is prone to damage fast.

2. Minn Kota 1810140 DH 40 DeckHand Electric Anchor Winch

Minn Kota 1810140 DH 40 DeckHand Electric Anchor Winch

Brand‎Minn Kota
Model Number1810140
Weight4 Pounds
Dimensions17″ (L) x 14″ (W) x 12″ (H) Inches
Motor12V DC Motor

The Minn Kota 1810140 anchor winch by Johnson Outdoors is a  lightweight and compact product that measures 17 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 12 inches in height. This winch comes with an item weight of 4 pounds and is extremely easy to transport and install. Used for anchors, this electric winch is best for boat navigation and placement for added convenience and ease. 

It is horizontally mountable to keep the anchor in place It eliminates anchor swinging with the mounting hardware and a two-year warranty along with the product purchase. The DechHand 40 winch has an anchor handle capacity of 40 pounds. It can raise and lower the anchor automatically with a button without the mundane efforts of manually using it. 

It comes with a 100 feet long nylon rope with an 800-pound test for the best experience and provides you the freedom of either mounting it at the base of the DechHand or on the boat deck itself for convenience. It comes with anchor shackles that allow quick switching between anchors making the product compatible with almost all Minn Kota accessories and comes designed with precision. 

It uses a 12V battery to function and furnishes you with an anti-drag sensing function that senses the button and allows the boat to drift to stop collision. It is suitable for all anchors, especially those of 20 pounds to 40 pounds, operational via a corded remote control with a 25 feet long cord for uncomplicated operation.

  • The winch comes with a particular anchor shackle designed for quick switching and changing anchors.
  • It supports distinctive davit positions and allows horizontal placement to eliminate anchor swinging with mounting hardware in the product package.
  • It comes with a wired remote control with a long cord for easy operation and an anti-drag bottom sensor.
  • The winch is a little tricky to install if you are a beginner.

3. Trac Outdoors Deckboat 40 AutoDeploy-G3 Electric Anchor Winch

Trac Outdoors Deckboat 40 AutoDeploy-G3 Electric Anchor Winch

BrandTrac Outdoors Products 
Model Number69005
Weight14 Pounds
Dimensions18″ (L) x 12.3″ (W) x 8″ (H) Inches
RopePre Wound Braided 100′ Length, 3/19″ Diameter
Motor12V DC Motor

The Trac Outdoor Products  69005 Deckboat AutoDeploy G3 winch comes with a brushed exterior and is a lightweight and compact product that perfectly fits your budget. It is 18 inches in length, 12.3 inches in width, and 8 inches in height, with a product weight of 14 pounds. It is a highly efficient and hardworking winch that uses a 100 feet long pre-wound braided rope for the anchor with a diameter of 3/16 inches. 

The winch has an integrated anchor roller and offers automatic raising and lowering of the anchor quickly and at the command of just a touch button. It rids you of the monotonous task of lifting the anchor manually and can earn a maximum anchor capacity of 40 pounds. For smooth and straightforward operation with efficient power holding power featuring a 12V DC efficient motor and an all-metal construction that consumes less power. 

The all-metal stainless steel construction with the gear system and circuit breaker sealed membrane switch allows up and down movement. It furnishes you with a marine-grade battery wire and a wireless remote control switch, with the company offering a one-year limited warranty by the company.  It allows the davit to auto-deploy controlled drifting for convenience.

  • The winch is easy to operate and handle with an uncomplicated remote control that allows product operation with the ease of a button.
  • It is highly efficient and uses a powerful all-steel gear motor with an anchor roller and sealed membrane switch for a better experience.
  • The winch uses a marine-grade battery wire, and a circuit-breaker consumes less power making the winch lightweight and compact with a long anchor wire.
  • When raising the anchor, the winch comes jerking up and stops working after a certain period.


Whether it is a pontoon boat or any other fishing boat raising and lowering the anchor is a big task. This article is for all the fishing enthusiasts who are tired of manually working with the anchor and are looking for the best winch that can suit their pontoon boats. We have here three best anchor winches for pontoon boats that are affordable and offer best-in-class performance and a firm and stable anchor grip underwater.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the best way to anchor a pontoon boat?

There are a few steps to keep in mind before anchoring a pontoon boat. 

  1. The first step is to position your boat according to the current of the water body. 
  2. The next step is to calculate the water depth after the boat successfully faces the current. 
  3. The third step includes preparing the anchor after making sure that the boat is static and stable by switching off the engine for the moment. 
  4. The next step is to carefully place the anchor in water so that it is not tangled with the line with the length of the anchor five times the depth of water. 
  5. The next step is to feel the resistance and ensure that the anchor has successfully reached the bottom and is secured.
  6. The next step is to note the landmarks around you so that you don’t forget the place and are not lost. 
  7. The last step is to determine when to pull the anchor back up. 

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